Case Studies

Below are a few of my client case studies:

Gina Danene Thompson, Artistic Director and Choreographer, PURe Dance Ensemble, Dance Instructor


Gina Danene Thompson has been the Artistic Director and Choreographer of Project Universal Reflection (PURe) Dance Ensemble, an Ann Arbor based dance company, since 2002. Gina Danene also gives private dance and ice dance lessons. She also trains the nationally ranked and award-winning Ann Arbor Hockettes. Gina Danene is contracted to teach at the Ann Arbor School of Ice Dance, home to world competitive students, including four who, under her leadership, have been ranked nationally and internationally the last two years, consecutively. She also trains the University of Michigan synchronizing skating team, and the Ann Arbor Figure Skating Club.

Gina Danene brought us on her team to write and distribute press releases and act as her agent. We have been able to get her wide spread media exposure, including in the most widely read entertainment publications across the nation, and on local and national radio stations. As an agent, we continue to book Gina Danene and PURe Dance Ensemble in several private and public shows.

Leon LaBrecque, LJPR,


Leon LaBrecque is the managing partner and founder of LJPR, LLC, a firm managing over $300 million in assets. Leon is also a practicing attorney who specializes in financial planning, estate planning, business and tax planning for individual and business clients, and is the author of 14 proprietary retirement/financial planning programs for major corporations and colleges across the country.

Leon brought us in on a couple of specific projects, as well as to gain wider media exposure for him and his firm. We sometimes take some of his content, write press releases out of it, and distribute them; other times, we write press releases and distribute those releases. Leon regularly appears on television and radio programs nationwide, presenting on various economic and financial topics. He is also consistently quoted in major local and national media outlets across the country.

Antoine Saleh, Antoine’s Salon of Troy,

Antoine, originally from Lebanon, has worked in high end salons across the United States, including New York, where he quickly established a reputation for his versatile and fresh styles. Many of the top stylists in the business consult with Antoine. Antoine’s is a full service salon offering cut and style, color and conditioning, texture and extensions, nails, make-up, waxing, and a great Bridal Party package.

Antoine came to us looking for some local media exposure for his salon. After discovering his passion for contributing to the local community, we enjoy connecting Antoine with non-profits and help get media attention to his efforts. We write and distribute press releases on his behalf, highlighting these community contributions. Antoine and his salon have now been featured in every major news paper and print publication in the area. He continues to receive exposure from his ICH campaigns through local TV and various society magazines.