Who is Josephine?

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Josephine Dries specializes in helping clients by mapping out individualized media campaigns for their specific needs. Josephine offers a comprehensive array of services to handle the diverse PR needs of her clients. Her clients have appeared regularly as local and national media experts, including interviews in the following media outlets: MSNBC, Fox Business News, CNN, NPR, local TV news stations, the Wall Street Journal, Reuters, NY Times, Washington Post, Financial Advisor Magazine, other publications for a variety of industries, and various entertainment and lifestyle outlets.

Josephine has also been certified by the Protocol School of Washington as a Corporate Protocol and Etiquette instructor.

Josephine often speaks to a wide range of audiences on a variety of business topics - including media relations, publicity, how to brand yourself through media exposure, and business etiquette and protocol. She also speaks on a variety of motivational topics – including “How to Re-Discover and Pursue Your Dreams”. Josephine has extensive experience with business and office administration, having founded and grown some of her own companies.

Josephine is passionate about giving back to others, and volunteers with a variety of non-profits across the nation.

After a long, hard day at work, Josephine enjoys time with her husband and son, baking, playing piano, and dancing. Josephine can be reached at josephine@icheadlines.com.

Josephine also writes a blog, which you can read by clicking here.

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