What is ICH?

Exclusive Media Access

Josephine Dries and Insert Catchy Headlines have access to the email addresses, phone numbers, and other contact information of all the reporters for all the media outlets in the entire country – TV, radio, newspaper, internet, etc. This exclusive information alone would ordinarily cost you - at least - thousands of dollars per year!

ICH is a program where either you or I write press releases about how national issues affect your local marketplace.Then, I send the press release on your behalf to the section of our database of media contacts specific to your target market (we call this your Customized Media Database, or “CMD”).

We establish the parameters for your CMD by searching within a 60 mile radius of your location and plugging in certain descriptions specific to you and your company.

Expert Guidance and “Story-Selling”

The media loves a good story. We have skills to write the press releases and headlines that reporters will read. Why spend countless hours trying to “do-it-yourself” when ICH empowers you to leverage our media connections and writing skills to “sell” your story to your target audience!

Affordable Pricing

Unlike traditional PR firms, we don’t charge excessive fees. Payment is per press release/on a per-project basis, or a reasonable monthly fee.

Contact us to find out more about our affordable pricing structures.

Insert Catchy Headlines – Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)

Q. How do you target the media sources where you send my Press Releases?
A. We create your CMD by searching within a 60 mile radius of your location and plug in certain parameters to establish your CMD.

Q. How often do you change the contacts in my CMD?
A. When a media contact moves on, the system automatically changes the contact information for whoever has taken up that news beat. It then informs us that it has updated our records.

Whenever we receive or write your press release, we’ll make sure that we plug in additional keywords if necessary and add new outlets to your CMD.

Q. Can I add names to my CMD?
A. Our database is the most comprehensive in the PR Agency World, however we will accept your list(s) – saved in Excel format – of specific media contacts that you have and make sure they are included in your CMD.

Q. Who receives the replies to the press releases that I send through ICH?
A. ICH acts as your PR Firm, therefore we receive the replies and – depending on our arrangement with you – we reply to them ourselves or direct them to your team member you’ve designated as your press contact.

Q. Can I see a list of all the media contacts in my CMD?
A. Due to the agreements we’ve signed with our database providers, we cannot release the list to you in any form.

Q. How often should I send out press releases?
A. For best results, we suggest you send your press releases out once a week or once every other week.