Why Choose ICH?

Have you always wanted to be noted as the “expert” through media appearances but didn’t know how or didn’t want to pay exorbitant prices for an agent?

Bypass all the common mistakes that media-virgins make when trying to gain exposure! Josephine Dries has learned what the media is looking for, and she has created ICH to help you develop the media relationships that you’ve always wanted.

ICH will help you get into your target media outlets by establishing parameters for your Customized Media Database (CMD), a list of media contacts specific to your target market. Our database is the most comprehensive in the PR world.

ICH’s pricing schedule is very practical and fits within your budget. ICH gives you the flexibility of paying per press release, instead of committing a large sum of money at once.

Insert Catchy Headlines also helps you:

* Develop attention-grabbing talking points, content and press releases

* Pick out key points the media would be interested in about your industry – you’ll surprise yourself with what you’re already an expert on!

* Handle a media interview (TV, print, radio, online, recorded, live)

* Make your message relevant to your target audience

* Write and structure effective press releases so that the media will actually read your message

* Avoid pitfalls when writing press releases and communicating with the media

* Develop a system for media consistency

* Best utilize the resources available to you to enhance your media exposure

* Attract the interest of your target audience – reporters, media outlets, and consumers